Realizing the Dream of a Lifetime

Hello all! Can the power of #crowdfunding help convert an old camper van and help a couple to realize their dream of a lifetime? In this #gofundme campaign is to help a couple to convert an old camper and volunteer their time for community service all over the country.

Hopefully with the power of the crowd they can convert a 1974 Airstream diamond in the rough into a comfortable little home where only the simple things have room for their adventure.

This project will be need to start from the ground up.

Realizing the Dream of a Lifetime will go towards such things as:

Rebuilding the frame
Rewiring the entire camper
New plumbing
Insulating the walls
Installing new walls
Adding a heater
Equipping the interior with the most basic of needs, i.e.:
a compost toilet,
small refrigerator,
2 burner cooking stove

We have already started the preliminary stage, tearing out the old interior and taking the camper off the frame. We would love to b on the road before spring!

Your kind support will mean the world to us, and will make their dream of helping others a reality.

It would be hard to put into words what your generosity would do for this young and unselfish couple.

But rest assured that every dollar donated will be used for this lofty yet down to earth goal of a young couple using their youth to help others.

Thank You So Much in Advance!!!

19.5.17 23:39


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